Top Gift Picks for the Wellness Junkie

Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s time for the second installment of my Holiday Gift Guide. Today, I’m sharing with you my recommendations for gift ideas for the Wellness Junkie. If you missed part I of my gift guide series, go back here and check out the first installment where I listed my top gift picks for the Busy Amateur Chef.

Here, in no particular order, are my recommendations for what to buy this Christmas for your favorite Wellness Junkie. 

Glass storage containers – Plastic can leach chemicals into food and body care products, so I recommend using glass storage containers where possible. In the kitchen, glass is great for storing everything from leftovers and meals prepped for the week to chopped veggies and anything else you need to store. And, unlike plastic, they won’t stain if you put tomato-based foods, curries, or foods with turmeric in them.  In addition to these storage containers, glass jars are great in the kitchen - and they're not just for canning. They can be used to store everything from raw kitchen ingredients such as nuts and flours to soups, sauces, and drinks. They’re great for use in the bathroom as well to store cotton swabs, cotton balls, homemade lotions, and other body care products. I even use one to hold my manual toothbrush and toothpaste.


 Wellness-related gift certificates or class passes - You can buy passes and gift certificates for yoga and pilates classes, a spa visit, or a number of other therapeutic modalities. You could even register your Wellness Junkie for a class like the ones I'm teaching in Pinhurst, NC in Jan and Feb, which are designed to help busy people learn how to make delicious and healthy dishes that are also easy to prepare.

Gentle and environmentally-friendly clothing detergent Soap nuts are a favorite household product of mine for many reasons. They are a naturally-occurring, non-toxic, low-cost sustainable alternative to chemical detergents. They’re also gentle on sensitive skin, while being effective at getting clothes clean. And, as an added bonus, they’re easy to pack for when you're traveling. Definitely pick some of these up for anyone who's trying to move away from using harsh chemicals in the home or for anyone who simply has sensitive skin. 


Activated charcoal – 1-2 times per week, I add this to my tooth-brushing routine as a natural method of brightening up my pearly whites.  I also occasionally add it to water and drink it (or take it in capsule form) if I’ve consumed something that I know doesn’t agree with me.  Pick some of this up in powder or capsule form as a great stocking stuffer for your favorite Wellness Junkie.



Jojoba, avocado, castor, and almond oils – These oils have numerous applications for skincare, including use in the oil cleansing method that I use to wash my face  They’re much more gentle and often less expensive than the facial cleansers you would find at the drug store, and the results they offer in terms of skin quality are pretty impressive. And, given their small size, these make great stocking stuffers.


Nourishing Traditions Cookbook and Wellness Guide – This is a great book for anyone seeking healthy recipes or just more knowledge about how and why to incorporate traditional foods into one’s diet. This is a must-have for every Wellness Junkie.




Grain Brain and Wheat Belly – These are both great reads for people who want to better understand the impact of common foodstuffs on their health.


Foam roller and other mobility tools – Athletes, desk jockeys, stay-at-home Moms, and pretty much everyone in between should be performing some kind of myofascial release to address and/or prevent soreness and tightness that we tend to believe must come with age. Using a foam roller or simply some lacrosse balls to roll out tight areas can do wonders for how we feel each day.  And if you’re buying a foam roller for someone who’s never used one, here’s a useful guide to help them get started.


BPA-free travel mug – Having a mug that travels well without leaking means you can take your own coffee and tea to go, which is important since so many coffees and teas you buy at coffee shops are full of chemicals that can impede your body’s ability to perform optimally. This mug fits the bill, is BPA-free, and would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite Wellness Junkie.



So, those are my top gift picks for the Wellness Junkie. Let me know if you can think of others that should be on the list!